Bita Zareian published her paper in Frontiers in Psychology!

Congratulations to graduate student, Bita Zareian and her co-authors for publishing their paper titled, “Cognitive Control and Ruminative Responses to Stress: Understanding the Different Facets of Cognitive Control” in Frontiers in Psychology!

Bita and her collaborators examined how different facets of cognitive control (i.e., inhibition, shifting, or updating) contributed to the level and trajectory of brooding (i.e., the more maladaptive subtype of rumination) and reflection (i.e., the more adaptive subtype of rumination). Using experience sampling methodology, they found that higher levels of brooding, but not reflection, predicted higher levels of negative affect at the subsequent time point. Additionally, some forms of cognitive control (i.e., inhibition, shifting), but not others (i.e., updating) predicted the levels and trajectory of brooding. These findings inform theoretical models describing the role of cognitive control in brooding and reflection.

Read the full paper here.