Prospective Research Assistants

Thank you for your interest! The DAS Lab is committed to providing a valuable training opportunity for undergraduate and post-baccalaureate research assistants. The lab is an ideal fit for undergraduates who want to gain research experience and who are interested in clinical psychology, counselling psychology, medicine, social work, or working with vulnerable populations.

Update: We are not currently hiring new volunteer research assistants as of January 2024. 

Please see the following pages for:

To apply, please email us your CV and complete the DAS Lab Research Assistant Application Form to with the subject line: “RA Application”. If you would like more information regarding this process, please direct your inquiries to

Our Policy on Directed Studies and Honours Students

Thank you for your interest! We currently draw Directed Studies and Honours Thesis students from our current DAS Lab research assistants. We value the time our volunteers put into the lab and thus, prioritize these opportunities for our members as a way of showing our gratitude for their time and work. Previous research experience and training in the lab also allow us to ensure that you receive the best possible Directed Studies / Honours Thesis experience when the time comes. Normally, students need to complete two terms before pursuing an Honours or Directed Studies with our lab. Right now, because of COVID, we are considering students who have volunteered in the lab for only one term for a Directed Studies position.

If you are interested in conducting a Directed Studies or Honours Thesis with DAS Lab, we encourage you to first apply for a research assistant position with us.