Lab Alumni

We want to thank all the wonderful research assistants who have volunteered with the DAS Lab over the years. You’ve played an important role in our research and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!


DAS Lab Alumni
Eunice Ip Justin Boldsen-Ryan
Cris Bude Kurtis So
Allison McVicar Bayle James
Lucia Dahlby Iva Erceg
Matthew Burke Shermeen Imitiaz
Oonagh Fogarty Francesca Oldham
Keah Sully-Daniels Amit Chhina
Romina Abedi Nicholas Gomez
Coral More
Parky Lau
Amarpreet Grewal
Caitlin Mooney
Claudia Cinotti
Jessica Wilson
Julia Chung
Melanie Tabakman
Massih Moretazavi
Melina Jahanshahi
Steffa Ufnal
Tim Christilaw