Dr. Katerina Rnic has published her paper in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology!

Congratulations to Dr. Rnic and co-authors for publishing their paper titled, “Examining the Link Between Multidimensional Perfectionism and Depression: A Longitudinal Study of the Intervening Effects of Social Disconnection” in Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology!

The aim of the current study was to provide the first comprehensive examination of the Social Disconnection Model (PSDM). A community sample of 447 participants completed measures of trait perfectionism, perfectionistic self-presentation styles, and depressive symptoms at baseline. Consistent with the PSDM, all perfectionism traits and self-presentation styles resulted in greater depression severity via one or more facets of social disconnection, with social hopelessness and loneliness demonstrating the most widespread effects. Furthermore, perfectionistic self-presentation styles and social disconnection demonstrated sequential indirect effects on the relation of self-oriented and socially prescribed perfectionism with depressive symptoms at follow-up. This study is the first to demonstrate the depressogenic effects of all perfectionism dimensions. 

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