Ashley Battaglini published a paper in the Journal of Adolescence!

Congratulations to graduate student, Ashley Battaglini and co-authors for publishing their paper titled, “Co-rumination Across In-person and Digital Communication: Associations with Affect and Relationship Closeness in Adolescents” in Journal of Adolescents.

This study was the first to investigate adolescents’ co-rumination across multiple communication modalities (i.e., in person, text, social media, phone) and its downstream association with affect and relationship closeness. Findings indicated that adolescents co-ruminate across all modes of communication, particularly in person. There also was evidence of co-rumination stability and generalization over time for some modes of communication (within phone and from social media to in-person interactions), but not for others. Implications for adolescents’ emotional and social development and the field of co-rumination are discussed.

Read the full paper here.