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Alison Tracy presents her poster "The effect of self-compassion on emotional and biological recovery from stress in depression"

Graduate Student Alison Tracy Presents Poster at 32nd Annual SRP Conference

Alison Tracy presented her poster titled “The effect of self-compassion on emotional and biological recovery from stress in depression” at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology held in Indianapolis, IN. The Society for Research in Psychopathology (SRP) is an organization of established psychopathology researchers. The Society holds an annual meeting […]

DAS Lab Renovations Finished!

Our beautiful new lab space is up and ready to go! Come by and check it out, Kenny room 1716!

Graduate Student Ellen Jopling Presents at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America Annual Conference

Ellen Jopling presented findings from two studies at the ADAA’s 38th Annual Conference in Washington, DC, USA. “Suicide Attempts in Pediatric Emergency Psychiatry: Demographic and Clinical Correlates of the Lethality of Suicide Attempts in Youth” and “Childhood maltreatment and impaired cognitive processing: The mediational effect of depressive symptomatology during a high-stress transition”.

Presentation by Graduate Student Ellen Jopling Recognized with Honorable Mention

Ellen Jopling was recognized by the Association of Psychological Science with an Honorable Mention for her presentation, “Negative Self-Schema and Childhood Maltreatment: Implications for the Experience of Internalizing Symptoms across the University Transition”. Presented at the Association for Psychological Science’s 30th Annual Convention in San Francisco, USA.

Graduate Student Ellen Jopling Receives Clinical Section Student Travel Award from CPA

Ellen Jopling received the student travel award from the Canadian Psychological Association for her poster titled “Childhood Maltreatment and Self-Referential Processing: Implications for the Development of Internalizing Symptoms During the Transition to University”. Presented at the International Congress of Applied Psychology’s 2018 meeting in Montreal, Quebec.