Congrats to Dr. Zieff on his latest publication + Research Recap!

Congratulations to Dr. Gabriel Zieff and collaborators for publishing their paper titled, “Ultrasound-based measurement of central adiposity: Key considerations and guidelines” in the Obesity Reviews!

Check out our research recap about the paper and read the full paper here!


Abstract: “Central adiposity, which is visceral and subcutaneous adiposity in the abdominal region, is a known risk factor for developing chronic cardiometabolic diseases. Central adiposity can be measured relatively inexpensively using ultrasound. Ultrasound has been shown to be precise and reliable, with measurement accuracy comparable to computed tomography and magnetic resonance. Despite the advantages conferred by ultrasound, widespread adoption has been hindered by lack of reliable standard operating procedures. To consolidate the literature and bring clarity to the use of ultrasound-derived measures of central adiposity, this review outlines (i) the [patho]physiological importance of central adiposity to cardiometabolic disease risk; (ii) an overview of the history and main technical aspects of ultrasound methodology;(iii) key measurement considerations, including transducer selection, subject preparation, image acquisition, image analysis, and operator training; and (iv) guidelines for standardized ultrasound protocols for measuring central adiposity.”

Zieff, G., Cornwall, J., Blue, M. N., Smith‐Ryan, A. E., & Stoner, L. (2024). Ultrasound‐based measurement of central adiposity: Key considerations and guidelines. Obesity Reviews. PDF.