Check out Jackson Hewitt and Bita Zareian’s new paper published in the Journal of Early Adolescence!

Congratulations to Jackson Hewitt, Bita Zareian, and Dr. LeMoult for publishing their paper titled “Assessing Anhedonia in Adolescents: The Psychometric Properties and Validity of the Dimensional Anhedonia Rating Scale” in the Journal of Early Adolescence.

Abstract: “Adolescent anhedonia is a multidimensional construct defined as the loss of enjoyment or pleasure across multiple domains of life. Anhedonia is concurrently associated with substantial impairment and distress, and it prospectively predicts the onset, severity, and treatment of depression. Despite its demonstrated importance, a limited number of anhedonia measures are validated for adolescents. The current study assessed the psychometric properties of the Dimensional Anhedonia Rating Scale (DARS) in 400 English-speaking, 12- to 19-year-old adolescents. Overall, the DARS demonstrated good convergent and discriminant validity, but sub-optimal concurrent validity. The strengths and limitations of the DARS and its utility as a measure of adolescent anhedonia are discussed. Furthermore, future directions for the construction of measures of adolescent anhedonia are outlined.”

Read the full paper here.