Check out another DAS-Lab collaboration coming out of the EMERGE projected.

This pre-print is titled, “Bipolar Spectrum Risk and Social Network Dimensions in Emerging Adults: Two Social Sides?”

Abstract: “Bipolar spectrum disorders (BSDs) encompass severe and chronic mood disorders associated with social functioning difficulties. However, little work has examined more nuanced aspects of social functioning in BSDs. The present investigation recruited N=1,934 emerging adult college students to examine associations of self-reported bipolar spectrum risk (trait BSD risk and current mania and depressive mood symptoms) with comprehensive measures of social functioning with peers (social network quantity and quality, social support, and social strain). BSD risk was associated with increased social network size and social support, but also with increased social strain. Mood disorder symptoms were associated with social network dimensions in complex ways, with some positive (e.g., greater social network quantity and social support) and some negative (e.g., greater perceived social conflict) associations. Taken together, this provides preliminary support for concurrent social strengths and impairments in BSD risk. These findings indicate a complex picture of some improved and some weakened aspects of social functioning in BSD risk and mood disorder symptoms. Implications for the role of social functioning in mood disturbance are discussed.”

Read the full pre-print here.