TWO NEW PAPERS on stress generation in Psych Bull and Clinical Psychology Review!

Two new papers coming out on stress generation are co-led by Katerina Rnic and reflect UBC’s (Joelle LeMoult and Katerina Rnic) multi-year collaboration with Western University (faculty member David Dozois), University of Rochester (faculty Lisa Starr and grad student Angela Santee), and a cross-university team of incredibly dedicated undergraduate and post-bac RAs (Jennifer-Ashley Hoffmeister, Hallie Liu, Katharine K Chang, Rachel X Chen, Richard WJ Neufeld, Daniel A Machado). The papers document the cycle of psychopathology and stressful life events that’s observed across many forms of psychopathology (Rnic et al., 2023) and the mechanisms that contribute to it (Santee et al., 2023).

The papers can be accessed via the DAS Lab Publications page.

Also check out some of the recent press they’ve been getting:

Rnic, K., Santee, A. C., Hoffmeister, J.-A., Liu, H., Chang, K. K., Chen, R. X., Neufeld, R. W. J., Machado, D. A., Starr, L. R., Dozois, D. J. A., & LeMoult, J. (2023). The vicious cycle of psychopathology and stressful life events: A meta-analytic review testing the stress generation model. Psychological Bulletin.

Santee, A. C., Rnic, K., Chang, K. K., Chen, R. X., Hoffmeister, J. A., Liu, H., Starr, L. R. (2023). Risk and protective factors for stress generation: A meta-analytic review. Clinical Psychology Review, 102299.